Yes we are open to any requests that would really make your night. Even if it is from Disney’s “Frozen”…

We generally try and stick within an hours drive of Glasgow but we can travel further if required.  It might cost a bit more to cover the extra time/fuel etc but this would be included in any quote we provide.

Typically we would play from 8pm till midnight with a 30min break, usually during the buffet.

In most venues it takes about an hour, this depends on what access is like though.  Usually if we can get direct access to the area we’re setting up in at 7pm we can easily be ready to go for 8pm.

We are a fairly large band and have a lot of equipment to put on a big show. We can however fit into most spaces.  If we get an idea of what we’re working with we can strip things back a bit to make sure we fit.

We’re more than happy to learn a song for your first dance.  If however you have a dance routine prepared though we would always suggest playing the original version of the track on MP3 as we wouldn’t want to play something a bit differently and throw you off step!

Our set is at our discretion on the night.  We do however always cater to the audience – after all, that’s what you would be paying us to do! Much of our set is well rehearsed and performed like that of a DJ, where songs blend in to each other with mashups and interludes, all backed by a brilliant lighting show. This really helps create that great, energetic party atmosphere!  If however you have some definite ‘must haves’ and ‘must not haves’ though let us know.

Yes! We do both.  We have a great “live lounge” set perfect for that early evening champagne reception atmosphere. With our ceilidh, we always hire in a fiddle player or piper to give you that real ceilidh experience. Both these packages can be added on when booking the band.

We perform at regular showcase events – contact us for more info


We are renowned for our modern and stylistic approach.  We want you to feel like you’ve booked a “REAL” touring band with a unique sound and an image to match. Put it this way, you wont see anyone in black shirts and red ties!

Unfortunately, that band can’t be held accountable for the time keeping of the day and we must stick to the venues curfew times. Playing past midnight would have to be pre-arranged and will carry an extra charge for late finish.

In the 8 years we have played together we have yet to see a night without the dance floor busy.

We regularly post live videos on our facebook page just to prove it.  We pride ourselves on our huge energetic and engaging shows, its this energy that really sets us apart from other function bands. At times things can even get a bit to exciting…. Ever seen your friends gran get fresh to Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy back”? It happened.

If the crowd want an encore – THE CROWD WILL GET AN ENCORE! (Assuming the venue don’t cut us off :-/)

Of course! If you think you’ve got what it takes…

Refreshments are not necessary but would always be warmly welcomed 🙂

In all our years of playing events we have NEVER had to cancel a booking.  If a member does get unwell and cant make it we are fortunate that we have a fully rehearsed backup of professional musicians at our disposal who know the set and can step in to do a great job at a moments notice.